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Application Development


Noriant has an agile application development team. noriant simplifies and streamlines application design and development through visual modeling, instant code generation and automatic deployment. This model enables faster development of enterprise-class applications, improves developer productivity and reduces time to market. noriant offers services and solutions in these areas

Our Application Development

  • Enterprise application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Rapid business prototyping
  • Industrialization solutions
  • Product training
  • Consulting
  • Support and Customization


  • Java
  • Php
  • Open Source Development

Business Information

Every company, every day relies on robust, agile business applications to run their front offices to reach new customers, get into new markets, and sell products and services. They rely on business applications in the back office to maintain records, manage inventory, process analytics, and coordinate general administrative functions. Forward-facing business applications are at the heart of ongoing transformation and if they are to truly support the business, they must be simultaneously a foundation for success and flexible enough to promote agility to enable organizations to quickly respond to inevitable change.

Key Analyze

With experience across all major industries, we can create solutions for meeting the most challenging IT problems. We combine deep technology expertise, architecture solutions capability, and program management skills to help you integrate and acquire new capabilities for heterogeneous systems that span both mainstream and emerging technologies.